First year is over

If you asked me where the last 12 month’s had gone, I honestly couldn’t tell you! It feels like I enrolled at uni about 3 months ago but here I am, about to start second year 🙊

One thing I have promised myself to do this coming year is to keep on top of the blog – I really want this to look back on and I know it has helped and inspired just a handful of people (thank you to those that have told me 😘) so I am also going to do it for you!

Looking back, first year has been INTENSE. Although it has gone so quickly, so much has happened!

I have learned so much (both academically and about myself!), completed essays, had practical exams, done presentations, had to figure out the best revision techniques for me, had to get to grips with placement, procedures, policies and guidelines, see and do things I never even thought about before applying to midwifery (silly me) – it’s been the foundation to the whole degree and I feel like it’s set me up really well for the next two years.

Since I last updated you, I have ‘caught’ 7 babies, seen a breech birth (which was incredible!), been in some very scary emergency situations, done resus on a newborn (one of the things I’d never even contemplated before starting midwifery. I told you I was silly!) and lost count of how many c-sections I have witnessed! It’s been pretty jam packed and although I have sometimes felt so out of my depth, I have loved every minute.

My favourite placement areas this year have been birth centre and community. The birth centre is such a lovely and relaxed environment that provides antenatal, intrapartum and postantal care to low risk (mostly) women. I was so comfortable here and I think its because the theory in year one is very much focused on normality which ties in perfectly. Community was a different experience entirely, but still provided antenatal and postnatal care and there was always something to do and never really a quiet moment once the day started which I loved!

First year is all about finding your feet and I feel I have done just that. It’s hard work. Some days have been tough, lots of days iv felt like I’m going to fail but I passed this year with a first so it’s been worth it!

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About lifeofastudentmidwifesite

I will be writing about my journey over the next three years and updating you on all the highs and the lows (I am sure there will be a fair share of each!). I hope you enjoy my ramble! xOx
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