Second year

Ok, so I head back out on placement tomorrow. The first day of second year! I am incredibly nervous and probably won’t get much sleep tonight but I have done everything to prepare so I can at least try and relax.

Bags packed ✔ Lunch made ✔ Objectives set ✔

In second year of the degree, we have to complete 6-8 weeks of ‘out of area’ placement. This means you could be placed anywhere in the hospital for inter-professional learning – meaning you learn and gain new skills from other professions and see how they work together. I have been quite lucky with my allocation as I will be placed in neonatal, in gynaecology and A&E throughout the year.

Tomorrow, I start a 2 week neonatal block and I feel scared and excited.

I am not really feeling anything in between at the minute! The reason is, I really don’t know what to expect – the feeling of uncertainty is quite daunting but I am sure it will change when I’m there and am settled!

Today, I also spent going through my MPAD (Midwifery Practice Based Assessment) which is basically like a bible for the whole the 3 years. Each year you get a new one that contains all of your practical assessments so I have made a plan of what assessments I want done and when so I feel a bit more organised and have got structure for the year! It always feel good to know your prepared!

I’m going to leave it here for now and enjoy a hot chocolate and call the midwife and I’ll update you on my experience next week although I’m sure I’ll be fine!


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About lifeofastudentmidwifesite

I will be writing about my journey over the next three years and updating you on all the highs and the lows (I am sure there will be a fair share of each!). I hope you enjoy my ramble! xOx
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