Out of maternity

WOW, what a long four weeks! I never realised how slow time would go in my out of maternity placement areas, let me tell you just a little bit about them.

My first placement was the neonatal unit and I had the opportunity to work in intensive care and special care, both of which I loved. My time here actually went quite quickly and I learnt LOADS. I helped look after babies that were premature, had low birth weight and other complex needs. I became familiar with drugs they used, why they used them and what they did and different methods of infant feeding such as oral or nasal gastric tubes and why they were used. I have looked after quite a few families whose baby had been here, so it was nice to see what it was like, how the babies were looked after and how the care plans were made.

My next placement was in A&E, and (luckily) this was only a week long. Being completely honest, I have been dreading this placement ever since I was told about it. The uncertainty, not knowing what to expect and the QUICK turn around was scary. One of the things I love about maternity is the relationship you get to build with women and their families throughout their journey, and I knew it wasn’t going to be like that here. This week was HARD. I saw everything from drunk people, women having miscarriages, cardiac arrests to somebody sadly passing away. The team work I saw here was unreal and as much as I didn’t like the environment here, I learnt a lot and it will for sure help me in my future practice as a midwife!

My last out of area placement on this block was on a gynae ward. I saw so many different and interesting cases and I 100% learnt the most on my placement there and feel that I got the right type of experiences for me to relate back to maternity.

I often here people say midwives and nurses do the same thing and I can whole heartedly say they don’t now! I met some lovely, amazing and strong people but the whole out of maternity experience made me remember why I chose midwifery 🖤



About lifeofastudentmidwifesite

I will be writing about my journey over the next three years and updating you on all the highs and the lows (I am sure there will be a fair share of each!). I hope you enjoy my ramble! xOx
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